LTC Facts

Long-term Care Insurance
At AoCP, it is our mission to educate consumers about long-term care and planning retirement.

More than just buying a policy

The relationship with AoCP doesn't end after you've purchased your policy. Our company fosters an ongoing relationship with policyholders through an enlightening online give-and-take education program.

Ongoing support through interactive webinars

From the application phase onward, AoCP provides continuing support to all clients. This is accomplished through monthly informational webinars. Every month, from the comfort of home, AoCP clients can listen, ask questions and interact with our in-house Geriatric Care Manager - a national speaker in the industry.

An Educational Approach

AoCP educates consumers, helping them examine:

  • What long-term care is
  • What long-term care costs
  • Various funding avenues
  • How is it paid for
  • Insurance options

At AoCP, we will remain steadfast in our commitment to consumer education for years to come.


According to the US Dept of Health and Human Services website,, the following are true about long-term care insurance coverage :

  • 70% of people turning age 65 can expect to use some form of long-term care during their lives.
  • People say, “I can save enough on my own to cover the costs.” In fact, less than 1/3rd of Americans 50+ have even begun saving for long-term care. It can be expensive and may endanger your retirement savings and other savings.
  • People say, “Under Medicaid, my home is ‘exempt’ from being liquidated.” In fact, every state has a limit on the amount of equity one can have in one’s primary residence and still qualify for Medicaid. And most states eventually recoup their Medicaid expenditures from the deceased Medicaid recipient’s estate, including the proceeds from the eventual sale of the residence by the kids who inherit it.



Long-Term Care Resource Links:

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US Department of Health & Human Services.

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Medicare Website
The official US Government site for Medicare.

Medicare interactive Website
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