Thoughtful Gifts for Seniors

CARE MANAGER'S CORNER - Author : Eileen Dunn, MS, CMC, CLTC, Geriatric Care Manager

Buying gifts for senior can be challenging. I thought I’d share some ideas for the senior in your life or to help your clients who may be dealing with aging loved ones.

Subscription to Local Newspaper

This is often something seniors let lapse but it is actually a very important resource for them. It keeps them engaged in current events and helps keep their mind sharp. However, the small print can be difficult for them to read so you may also want to buy them a hand held magnifier.

Adaptive Clothing

Getting dressed seems like a simple task but can be very difficult for seniors. Here are some websites that have fashionable adaptive clothing for seniors:, and

Automotive Standing Aid (Handybar Car Support)

Getting in and out of the car can be a struggle for many seniors. This is an add-on support handle that slips into the U-shaped door striker on the vehicle door frame making getting in and out of the car safer and easier.

Large Print Calendar with Family Birthdays and Anniversaries.

This has been a much appreciated gift for seniors. It’s also great to include the addresses of family members as well as a variety of greeting cards and stamps.

Magnetic Jewelry Clasps

Women love their jewelry but as they get older it’s difficult to manage the clasps. These magnetic clasps clip on to their jewelry allowing the jewelry to be easily put on and taken off.

Laundry Service

There is a lot of bending, twisting and turning involved with laundry and it often involves seniors carrying baskets up and down stairs. Many dry cleaners and laundromats provide home pick- up and delivery services. For most seniors twice a month would be sufficient and it includes sheets, towels and all their clothes.

Talking Photo Album

This is unique in that you can narrate about a 10 second story to go with each picture. This way your senior also hears your voice telling the story.

Lighted Full Page Magnifier

Many senior stop reading because it’s too difficult to find what they want to read in large print. This allows them to read any book they like.

Blind Spot Driving Mirrors and All View Driving Mirrors

The blind spot mirrors are small mirrors inserted on the top right corner of the driver and passenger side door mirrors. They magnify the blind spot up to two and a half times larger than the regular mirror. The All View Driving Mirror is attached to the rear view mirror to eliminate blind spots.

Talking Watch

These watches will announce the time at the touch of a button. This makes it easier for seniors with vision problems.


This is a very simplified tablet designed for seniors. It helps seniors stay connected to loved ones (particularly their tech savvy grandkids) in an easy to use format.

Medication Reminder Device

Your local hospital will probably have a medication reminder device you can rent on a monthly basis similar to the emergency response units. The ones I’ve used are filled every few weeks and are programmed to sound an alarm at the designated times. The senior hears the alarm and goes to the device, hits the button and the medication is dispensed. I recently learned of another device called Reminder Rosie that can be programmed to give the senior reminders of other tasks throughout the day such as an upcoming doctor’s appointment. If you go to you can watch a video describing how it works.

There are many thoughtful and useful gifts for seniors that can make their lives easier and many products that you may not have imagined, but which could provide a simple solution for a loved one’s need.

An internet search will certainly provide thousands. Here are a few of my own go to sites:

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