Who Will Cover Your Long-Term Care?

The cost of care may be a drain on your retirement savings if the need for long-term care arises unexpectedly and you aren’t prepared for it. We're here to help! Contact us today!


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Long Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care is the term used to describe the supervision or help we need when we can no longer manage on our own. Today people in the United States live well into their 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond. The odds are pretty high that most Americans eventually will need some type of long-term care.

*US Dept. of Health & Human Services

You Can Be Prepared

There are things you can do right now to minimize the impact of long-term care on your retirement. One option is to set aside part of your savings to fund potential long-term care costs.

Another alternative is taking out a long-term senior care insurance policy. Associates of Clifton Park can help you find the insurance policy that best suits your situation. Depending on which policy you choose, long-term care insurance coverage may help pay for care at home, care in a residential facility, care from professionals at nursing homes, informal care from professionals, or even informal care from friends or relatives.